What the world needs now…

Be kind…you may be remembered

The world is in need of kindness, compassion and alternative thoughts to that which bombards us on newscasts and negativity in our heads. That’s why I am here…

This is our space to share:

  • Lessons learnt on a journey of excellence and leadership
  • Provide encouragement that will strengthen you to believe in your purpose




Donna-Marie Rowe


Published by dmarierowe

A student of leadership, my passion for personal, spiritual and professional growth is a constant companion. The leadership lights I share are from my more than two decades of earnest and deliberate study of leadership principles taken from Biblical scripture, characters and circumstances. Life lessons from my desire to progressively offer transformational leadership are also captured throughout. It is my hope that you will be inspired and helped on your leadership journey by the hot beacons that are lighting your way. Sail on with confidence!

One thought on “What the world needs now…

  1. This is a very inspiring and relevant article! At times I do need to be reminded that there are many routes to success and I am actually living out this lesson currently. Thank you! I am looking forward to your next blog!


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