They Don’t Look Like Much

Author: Donna-Marie Rowe

I peered eagerly through the window to catch a glimpse of the view.  I had not seen my backyard in daylight for a few days because I was leaving home every morning before daybreak to beat the traffic and get the children to school early.  Now, I was staring at my mango tree, laden with tiny bumps that looked like stones on a stick.

“They don’t look like much to you, right?” That was the voice of my Heavenly Father reasoning with me. 

“No, Lord,” I said, “Not much at all.  They are so tiny. Nothing to look at.”

“And yet they are mangoes.  They will be fit for the table.”

God directed my mind to our children and the young people with whom we have been interacting.  My eyes glistened. Yes, it is agreed, that they don’t look like much now but in time, they will be bringing forth much fruit.  I took a picture and determined that I would prove God.


“Faith in the future, gives us hope in the present.” Unknown

God proved Himself with the mangoes. I have no doubt He will show Himself mighty if we submit our small beginnings to Him.

It is not wise to despise small beginnings.  It is a principle which signals the early stages of life. Think embryo.  It also signals the potential for growth and maturity.  The mangoes are a case in point.   So, what is your responsibility in the growth process as the farmer or gardener?  For fruit trees, your role is to ensure that they receive nourishment – adequate water, sunlight and mulch – and that the environment is suitable for expansion.  Looking out for possible pests is critical too. 

As a young professional, coach, mentor, manager, teacher, parent or friend your role is to nurture a growth mindset in yourself first and instill the same principle in those you are inspiring. Be encouraged by what you see and put in the work to create the desire to move consistently from one stage to the next.  Being hopeful for what is to come, because the principle of growth is at work, will give your faith wings. 

There are levels of thinking and reasoning that you must attain as part of the growth and maturity continuum.  For example, small minds talk about people, average minds are caught up in events while great minds discuss ideas.  See the progression?  Self-improvement lecturer, Dale Carnegie said, “Develop success from failures.  Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success.” 

As you guide and teach, be the sunshine of discipline, good habits and accountability.  Prune away debilitating thoughts.  These should be replaced by empowering and enriching words of life.  Water their souls with encouragement while building good character – integrity, honesty, humility, empathy and compassion. 

It is your duty – embracing every day and doing the things you are supposed to.  Sometimes it is no fun to be dutiful but it pays to do the right things all the time.  You have to be consistent in order to see the returns. 

Let small beginnings light your fire of passion and hope, and give you joy in expecting good things to come.

More mangoes were brought to the table from the same tree. What a joy! “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.” Galatians 6:9 (NIV Bible)

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Published by dmarierowe

A student of leadership, my passion for personal, spiritual and professional growth is a constant companion. The leadership lights I share are from my more than two decades of earnest and deliberate study of leadership principles taken from Biblical scripture, characters and circumstances. Life lessons from my desire to progressively offer transformational leadership are also captured throughout. It is my hope that you will be inspired and helped on your leadership journey by the hot beacons that are lighting your way. Sail on with confidence!

3 thoughts on “They Don’t Look Like Much

  1. Hmmm. Sends me into prayer!

    Heavenly Father, help me to see myself as You see me- a great BIG bundle of potentiality. Forgive me of the many times ive used the not so favorables in my present to judge/ predict my future. I confess that at times i do say it (my present) doesn’t look like much and yes, sometimes i do get discouraged but God, you know the plans You have concerning my life! Cause me dear Lord, to not lean unto my understanding of things but allow You to direct my path. Lord, if You can cause a mango seed to give birth to a fruiful mango tree then i know that if i wait out the process then in due season You will come thru for me. Give me grace to spread my wings of faith and i thank You for being faithful to Your promises, in Jesus’ name.


  2. Beautiful analogy and very encouraging. My take away is simply not to despise small beginnings. Blessings!


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